Classic Detroit Steel


Most all automobiles on this blog are American Made. Some may be Aussie Born but Yanky Inspired. Most are obtained from elsewhere online. If I post it there is generally a click-thru link AND a...


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    well depends what he is wearing if he dasey dukes, Gucci belt, flannel red black with the sleeves, wool socks, yeezys, corn blond hair, and a Italian switch blade, with a clef lip and a lazy eye with so many cuts and burns that it is not even funny. i would give it a 12.365 out of 10 mullit

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    No... if it was an eleven it would have a sun roof to deer hunt from and probably a stock tank jacuzzi.

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    About an 8.5 plus...

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    Joe Dirt for sure.

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    Full on Joe Dirt!

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